How I Got Over

Audio/Video: The Roots "Dear God 2.0"

Here's a little synopsis of my night Monday night...

Before the show...

Leaving the hotel on the way to the show, as you can see, Truck's sense of humor hasn't changed.

Kyle and Slim got to chatting...
...meanwhile... Truck was um... well let's call it... "brainstorming" before the show.

On Stage -- The Money Making Jam Boys...

Black Thought on the left, and Slim (aka STS aka Sugar Tongue Slim) on the right.

Dice Raw on the left and my homie Truck North on the right.


We ran into Jimmy Fallon.

and Cap'n Kirk

Black Thought.. hey Truck, you're a fool for that face.

Slim kept making those funny faces, so I decided to join in. lol.

And lastly we met one of the most iconic symbols in music -- ?uestlove
Thanks for showing us love ?uest

After the show...

... Truck was able to sneak in an interview for a friend of mine Akeem --Check out his blog sometime... I'll be posting the interview on this blog as soon as its ready.
(Me, Truck, Akeem on the right)

Left: I had to give Dice some love, he was mad I didn't take pics with him earlier. Eyes open fool!
Right: Yep, its Sahr Ngaujah, the lead actor of the Broadway hit FELA!, if you haven't seen this show yet, you have to start doing better things with your money. The show is incredible, to say the very least. I won't say much about the show, you can experience it for yourself.

Lastly, thanks guys for a wonderful show and a great night... as always, thank you Truck! (muchos besos!)

The Jam Boys have a line up of shows in New York this summer, here are a few shows I know of:

June 26 -- The Jill Scott After Party featuring Dice Raw and Truck North
June 29 -- Jay Electronica & Joell Ortiz featuring Slim
July 10 -- The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival featuring the MMJB

Make sure you go get "How I Got Over" by the Legendary Roots Crew in Store today June 22.

Keep listening to good music. ♥


Audio/Video: Theophilus London "I Want You"

The whole thing about women is... they lust to be Mis[s]Understood.

Groove Worthy.

Are you still listening to the radio for "good music"?

...if so here is some tasteful ear candy for you. Enjoy-- You can thank me later.

The John Legendary Roots Crew -- "The Fire"

Zo! feat. Sy Smith --"Greatest Weapon of All Time"

Cook Classics feat. Avriel Epps --"Bouncer"

J. Cole --"All I Want is You"

Rhymefest --"Say Wassup"

Big Boi --"Lookin 4 Ya"

Alletta -- "Jump the Sun"

J. Keys -- "Social Commentary"

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, health the hear and makes it whole, flow from heaven to the soul."

The "Players"

Video: MM Jam Boys Back Stage at the Roots Picnic 2010

The Boys decided to come out and play...

I didn't get a picture of Dice Raw, but on the right we have P.O.R.N.

And we have Truck North on the left and Slim (a.k.a. Sugar Tongue Slim a.k.a STS) on the right
A group shot of all the boys.
Shout out to my boy Truck North for inviting us watch the horrible Celtics/Lakers game with the fellas. Cracking jokes and drinking Bicardi... good times. My favorite line of the night -- "All girls are naturally bisexual... Two chicks kissing is like two guys slapboxing, it never hurt anybody" --- uhhh....

Black Thought and ?uestlove definitely showed the crowd much love for the entire evening.

Cap'n Kirk held it down on the guitar all night, and Tuba Gooding Jr. blasted us with the good sounds all evening.

Lastly, Owen Bidle on my favorite instrument, bass.

Joss Stone stopped by to give the crowd a lesson in soul music...

I had never seen her live until this night... I definitely have a crush!
(Maybe Truck can put in a good word for me!)

Philly's own Bilal stepped through... and words can't describe how this man can sing, WHEW!

One of Philly's finest-- Freeway came through and 'rocked the mic' for a few jams too.

After my camera died, I wasn't able to take pictures of Bajah and the Dry Eye crew or Tony Allen (drummer from the broadway hit FELA!)

Overall, the players came out to jam, and as always, I was left amazed... just as any other Roots Jam Sessions. I have a feeling that this year, the $10 Jams will be selling out this summer. The first two have sold out, and they are quickly becoming more popular. One thing about the Jam is that you never know who may surprise you and walk on that stage; but believe me, I've always left impressed. If you are interested in going to the $10 show, check out the calendar at Highline Ballroom and get more info.

Last but not least, please, check out these players and more at

If you don't know these people in these photos, you need to be listening to better music.

All photos were taken by me.

Next show is June 21, the show is sold out, but I may have one ticket. Who wants it?