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The Roots Festival 2010

Its that time of year again ya'll. The Roots Festival 2010.

Who's excited? -- I am.

Here's the line up:
Vampire Weekend


Mayer Hawthorne

The Very Best

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Tune Yards

Bajah & The Dry Eye Crew

Jay Electronica

Money Making Jam Boys

Das Racist

Pattern is Movement

Memory Tapes

Redman/Method Man

Ghostface Killah



Foreign Exchange

John Legend

DJ Diamond Kuts

Tickets are $66. Here is the link for tickets

The Roots Picnic 2010 Tickets

Going? Let me know.

If you don't know most of these artists... you need to be listening to better music.
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"Star" Fruit

Photo: Brittani Robinson

This is the Star Fruit.

A friend of mine is visiting Haiti right now. She said "look at this fruit. look really closely, and honestly tell me what it looks like to you."

If you are wondering why it is called the Star fruit its because when you open it a certain way the inside is shaped like a star. Of course Britt opened it a different way, and well, now I know why the fruit has a very different nickname in Haiti.

Building Bridges in Afghanistan

Photo: NY Times

Ok, not really. But its good to see that the Marines are finally building bridges in Afghanistan; especially the Helmand Province.

It all stems back to the debate -- Bombs vs. Bridges. What works and what doesn't? I think we need bombs and bridges. There needs to be a balance between diplomacy and military force. One is not better than the other, but using both may get us closer to a "solution" in Afghanistan (whatever that may be).

Defense Drill in Israel

Photo: San Francisco Sentinel

Do I think it was actually a drill to test preparedness? Sure I do. Israel is one country that many nations look to for national security procedures. BUT after all the back and forth that Netanyahu has said since March about the Iranian nuclear deal, who really knows. Israel, in my opinion, has one badass military force. I really hope Netanyahu doesn't do anything STUPID. A preemptive strike against Iran would be a worldwide disaster, especially for the US.

Photo: The Real Barack Obama @ wordpress

I had a look at this cartoon and just laughed. Ahmadinejad, what is it really going to take? The deal that the UNSC came to in May is only temporary. It seems no one in the P5 is happy except China. Turkey and Brazil are happy too, I'm sure. Oh yeah, good luck getting on the permanent council now Brazil, hope that works out for you. SMH.

All in all. Iran and Israel both need to be kept on a short leash. Honestly, I'm more worried about Israel than Iran.

Merry go round

Photo: Picture This.com @ Flickr

Life is a circus.

Arizona & Immigration Reform

Photo: Cinthya Felix

I said I wasn't going to get political on this blog, but in memory of a great friend of mine inspired me to post this.

The tragic death of my close friend Ms. Cinthya Felix, motivated me to acknowledge the Arizona law that recently passed. Since the day the law passed, we would gchat about it almost everyday. We'd also discuss it at work. At first I didn't know much about the law, but after hours of conversation with Cinthya, I realized how discriminatory and cruel this law was. She was so upset about such a hateful legislation. I was angry too, although I don't completely understand all the struggles of being an undocumented immigrant, I can understand discrimination. This photo (above) is Cinthya at a rally in DC in April 2010. She frequently rallied in LA, DC, and Massachusetts.

Photo: NYTimes.com

Knowing Cinthya, I learned more about immigration reform than I ever thought I would have otherwise. I saw this photo (above) on the NY Times website and sent this to her not too long ago. She laughed and said, "Man, that sh*t is still f*cked up." I could tell she was sad, but we both knew that there is still a lot of work to be done in Washington.

This video is of First Lady Michelle Obama at a 2nd grade school in Washington. Unscripted (and unexpected), a young girl in the class asked Mrs. Obama -- "My mom said, I think that she says that, Barack Obama is going to take away everybody that doesn't have papers". Watch below:

I read CNN a lot, but I very rarely comment on the site. When I saw this and read the previous comments posted, I couldn't hold back my frustrations -- mostly from the use of the term "illegal." My comment submitted to CNN was not chosen to be posted on the site, but here is a synopsis of what I wrote:

"Illegal" is not a term we should use to describe a person. No human being on this earth is or ever will be "illegal." All the rights and freedoms granted to Americans, taken for granted daily by most, should be justly given to those who immigrate to this nation in an equal manner. I have learned from my personal encounter with undocumented citizens a sense of rigor, dedication, and more patriotism to this nation than any natural born citizen I know. Most undocumented citizens work longer hours, harder labor-intensive jobs, and for less pay than most Americans would be willing to do. They pay federal, state, and sales taxes just as the rest of us, and take the highest interest on loans banks are allowed to incur; but most of you don't know that (ignorance). Our nation was founded and built on immigrants. Instead of "fighting" for discriminatory policies to keep others away, we need to learn to embrace neighbors and push for reform that will allow them easier citizenship access.
I've probably only ever given my point of view on immigration policy with Cinthya. In closing with one of her favorite quotes:

"Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically to those who hardly think about us in return." T.H. White

Rest in Peace Cinthya
Junuary 23, 1984 - May 15, 2010

M.I.A -- Born Free

Photo: jetcomx.com

When I read her story, I think-- struggle. When I hear her music, I think-- innovative. When I watch her video for her new single "Born Free" I think-- Genius. If the video does nothing else but make you think "huh?" it's served its purpose.

Watch. Listen. Learn. View Below:

My First Post

My name is Krystin. I tell everyone to just call me Krys.

I've never been good with words. So this blog will consist of a lot of photos and very few commentary. If you know me or if you are someone like me, we may share similar views of the things I think are interesting or important. I don't dare to be different, I just am in a way. Here is my blog (photolog/videolog) of the things I see in this crazy world. Comment, rate, share...