Defense Drill in Israel

Photo: San Francisco Sentinel

Do I think it was actually a drill to test preparedness? Sure I do. Israel is one country that many nations look to for national security procedures. BUT after all the back and forth that Netanyahu has said since March about the Iranian nuclear deal, who really knows. Israel, in my opinion, has one badass military force. I really hope Netanyahu doesn't do anything STUPID. A preemptive strike against Iran would be a worldwide disaster, especially for the US.

Photo: The Real Barack Obama @ wordpress

I had a look at this cartoon and just laughed. Ahmadinejad, what is it really going to take? The deal that the UNSC came to in May is only temporary. It seems no one in the P5 is happy except China. Turkey and Brazil are happy too, I'm sure. Oh yeah, good luck getting on the permanent council now Brazil, hope that works out for you. SMH.

All in all. Iran and Israel both need to be kept on a short leash. Honestly, I'm more worried about Israel than Iran.