Life Things

Audio & Video: Kanye West "Good Morning"

Everyone has had "A Colorful Past"

...and everyone is "Surrounded by Imitation". "Picture the Sound" of the melody life makes...

There's nothing wrong with "Spreading the Love".

Those who you interact with "Will Not Forget" about you.

Sometimes "Size Doesn't Matter", relax.

When faced with a problem, ask questions; tell them "I'm new here", people are kinder than they seem.

"The Shells we Choose" sometimes last forever, make a good impression.

"Join the Free;" be who you were meant to be.

Go crazy, get some "Killer Grills"

"Welcome to the Club" its life, we all have to live it.

Every now and then we all come across an "Unexpected Encounter"

Keep "Bringing the goods"...

...even when your "Minds Racing."

Take some time to enjoy some "Heavy Grooves."

Its okay to be "Slightly Concerned" about others.

"Leave a Trace"...

Don't just become "Another Lost Voice"

Don't "Fold Under Pressure"!

"We Will Be Together Soon".. in due time.

"Try on Something New" for a change.

"Still Puzzled" ?...

Don't worry... God is always "Keeping and Eye on Us."

Art by Ric Stultz

All words in parentheses are the title of the actual picture.