Randomly Assorted

I wonder.

Tattoozu FashionInfluence. -
I've been waiting on this my whole life.
These dreams be keeping me up at night.

Freckled noir desir
You say I think I'm never wrong.
You know what, maybe you're right?

Fetish Design riot rite right clit clip click
Do you even remember what the issue is?
You just trying to find out where the tissue is.

fuckmenow: (via lovemaltine) - A sucker with no fix Erotic photos
You can still be who you wish you is
It ain't happen yet and that's what intuition is

Erotic photos Erotic photos
And I'm back on my grind
A psychic read my lifeline

Erotic photos astronautess
Told me in my life time
My name would help light up the NYC skyline

4fuckr.com - everything else is for pussies - DER F x-art.com ~ beautiful erotica.
Heaven'll watch, God callin' my hotline...
Why he keep givin' me hotlines?

▲Dskodust▲ Likes | Tumblr
I'm a star how could I not shine?
I guess every super hero need his own theme music

We Do it Because We Were Born To Do It hello girls!
Baby, don't worry 'bout it.
Hey there, don't even think about it.

Tell me right now --
Would you really wanna spend your life alone?

Srta lovelace Malquista
Yeah, you heard about all the word about,
Don't worry bout what we can't control.

LUSTorium fuckyeahhotnessx
Oh ya kidding me
You must be joking or you are smoking

Likes | Tumblr nightmare brunette - beautifulanddepraved:Â (thetrembler via bhcol...
You even wonder what it all really mean?

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